Today there are millions and millions of blogs. Of these, a large number are travel blogs, and new ones are constantly emerging. There is a fairly obvious way, in my opinion, to distinguish real golden ones from duds that will not last long.

It’s the writing, the level of authority on the subject, the tone of the conversation and the feeling that I am now allowed to enter their world, how they think and what they really like to experience while traveling. These are the blogs I keep coming back to.

In some matters, I came to meet and get to know the person who wrote it after having already discovered the blog, but for the most part, I don’t know the writer at all. Still, I search their blogs before I even look in Google if I want travel ideas or if I need to be lifted.

Here are the best blogs you should read If you love traveling as much as I do. Both old and new, popular and promising, and from a multitude of niches and interests, these are my favorites:

Solo Travel

1. Weather in Wanderland

I knew Alex’s blog when I started traveling and blogging, and I even emailed her when I had questions about diving (she spends a lot of time as an underwater videographer on Koh Tao in Thailand). However, it was only when I relied on her article about the Elephant Falls in Da Lat, Vietnam, that I started reading her regularly, after realizing that we had a similar travel style.

We are now friends and even went on a trip together! His personality is reflected both in his writings and in his photographs. she manages to never present herself as anything other than kind and beautiful rather than bossy and bossy. Her article “Gratitude at twenty-five” so eloquently describes the great years she spent traveling and is a great way to get to know her blog if you don’t already.

2. Fueled by the desire to travel

Theresa from Fueled by Wanderlust focuses on places in the United States, the Caribbean and Europe, offering detailed travel guides that are very convenient for solo travelers. Although they do not always travel alone, each article contains many tips for you if you are traveling alone.

Since Theresa works full-time as an accountant, her content is especially relevant for travel lovers who combine their career with frequent travel. His budget guides are a gold mine and articles like this one on the best time to visit the US Virgin Islands are full of tips that make planning a solo trip a lot easier.

3. Bacon Is Magic

Ayngelina is one of those writers who really like her. Totally real. She left a stable career and her boyfriend at the age of 30 to travel solo for a year in South America. Besides loving her because she seemed like a total badass, I took a lot of my solo travel courage from her words.

She is also refreshingly honest, open and full of love and loss that almost everyone has experienced, so I love reading her blog in part because it has guided me through some of the most difficult times I have experienced at home and on the road.

4. The Countdown

If you read travel blogs, you probably know Wandering Earl. This is one of the first ones I read and became addicted to after the post “Don’t be afraid to travel alone.”I have re-read this message — and sent it to friends who are traveling on the fence about it -several times over the past few years. This article really had a big impact and was extremely important for me to read it during the first days of planning my trip. He let me know that this lifestyle is possible solo and showed me how easy it is to meet people on the go. I’ll always be a fan of that.

5. Young Adventurer

Liz is one of the most down-to-earth travel bloggers, which makes her content a pleasure to read. Not only are her travel guides detailed and informative, but she is not afraid to share her unique and brutally honest opinion. As a solo traveler, I find this useful and insightful.

Young Adventuress includes a plethora of outdoor locations, trekking guides, and more, while also offering a careful balance of luxury travel recommendations. Her storytelling style really attracts the reader and her sense of humor is perfectly reflected in her writing. If you want a good laugh and a reminder of the ever so human side of travel, definitely give it a read.

Budget Travel

6. Expert Wanderer

Simply put, Matt does cool things, and he goes to really cool places. As for those who travel off the overcome path in a real way, I turn to Matt for new ideas for destinations and for his great photos. he is adventurous and outdoors, and I was glad to have the chance to accidentally hang out and climb with him when we were in Thailand at the same time.

A few months ago, he surprised me again with the post “my caveman experience: squatting with gypsies in Spain.”He tends to highlight the things that society is afraid of or doesn’t know much about, and that’s why I keep reading because I know that he is a great discovery to make and to illustrate with really well-made photos.

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